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Beer Sheva, Negev’s capital, long neglected, will become the second largest economic center of Israel with an all-round development: expansion of the campus of Ben Gurion University, implementation of extremely innovative start ups, and last but not least, a future Pentagon . A little history.

After the Byzantines who abandoned the city in the seventh century, the Ottomans who occupied Palestine are not interested in the site until the end of the nineteenth century. Beer Sheva was then described by European pilgrims as an arid land with a well and a handful of Bedouins who led their herds to quench their thirst.
The Ottomans built a magnificent mosque, which today is the Negev Museum of Islamic Arts, which has been joined by a recent building that houses the works of Kadishman and other contemporary Israeli artists who have donated major works.

Listen to Dalia Manor, director and curator of both museums: Negev Museum of Arts of Beer Sheva and Museum of Islamic and Eastern Cultures. She is also the author of Art in Zion: The Genesis of Modern National Art in Jewish Palestine.


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