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A land full of promises

Israel is a land that you may think you know, but its complex nature often slips in one hand.

Let’s meet one on one to grasp the thousands of facets of this country and its multiple culture citizens.

Israel a land that mastered the art of morphing its grand and unique diversity into a strength, major pillar of harmony and unity beyond the clichés. Israel, its heritage, its landmark, its museums, its fashion, its life style, art de vivre…

Welcome aboard Israel and Yoo, in a fresh and new discovery of a land and its people, with the utmost prestigious past and a future of thousand promises. Adjust your goggles!

Tel Aviv Best Fooding in Paris


Le Balagan

the creative Israeli cuisine

Balagan, the mess in Hebrew, going there means that you are OK for a K.O of savours and flavours, the good spirit, the atmosphere, the design, the service and even the background music quotes Assaf Granit, its Chef.


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Rutu Modan

Rutu Modan

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(English) Bedouins: Elham Al Kamlat

Bedouins: Elham Al Kamlat

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Médical: Keren Tova Gomel

Medical: Keren Tova Gomel – Rouach Dromit

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Meir Zadok

Meir Zadok

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Consul de France : Georges Mayer

Consul of France : Georges Mayer

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Directrice et Curateur du Negev Museum of Art : Dalia Manor

Director and Curator of the Negev Museum of Art : Dalia Manor

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