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A land full of promises

Israel is a land that you may think you know, but its complex nature often slips in one hand.

Let’s meet one on one to grasp the thousands of facets of this country and its multiple culture citizens.

Israel a land that mastered the art of morphing its grand and unique diversity into a strength, major pillar of harmony and unity beyond the clichés. Israel, its heritage, its landmark, its museums, its fashion, its life style, art de vivre…

Welcome aboard Israel and Yoo, in a fresh and new discovery of a land and its people, with the utmost prestigious past and a future of thousand promises. Adjust your goggles!


To see Jerusalem through the prism of the israeli-palestinian conflict ignores the present-day needs and desires of those who live in the city on a daily basis, and prevent us from realizing its potential to become a flourishing world centre by virtue of its extraordinary historical and spiritual legacy.

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Meir Kraus

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Rutu Modan

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Itzik Zivan

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Social: Gadi Waisman

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